Willingness|Depression: The Silent Killer

Depression: The Silent Killer

We have all heard of the word depression and claim to understand its meaning.  Nevertheless, those suffering from major depressive disorder express that the people  around them do not understand the significance of this condition. When it comes to  depression,

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Willingness|Should I Start Family or Individual Therapy?

Should I Start Family or Individual Therapy?

Deciding whether you should start family or individual therapy can be a big decision and every case is different. As the names imply, individual therapy concentrates on a person’s personal struggles, whereas family therapy looks outside the individual and adopts

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Willingness|What is Relational Psychotherapy?

What is Relational Psychotherapy?

Relational psychotherapy is a relationship-focused therapy that draws heavily from psychoanalytic therapy. Relational therapists use the therapeutic relationship to identify and address the client’s psychological issues. Relational therapy can stand alone as its own integral approach, but this approach can

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Willingness|Vitamin C: The Mental Health Vitamin

Vitamin C: The Mental Health Vitamin

Vitamin C is an essential component for healthy brain functioning. Research reports that people who feel fatigued, depressed, or experience a period where their mood is low, found that when they increased their intake of vitamin C to the recommended

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Willingness|Can girls and women have ADHD?

Can girls and women have ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, has been typically associated with young disruptive boys. More recently, there has been evidence suggesting that this stereotype is not accurate: The massive difference in ADHD diagnosis rations between men and women seems to be, at

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Willingness|Can mindfulness help you sleep?

Can mindfulness help you sleep?

Sleep is a big part of our life: we spend about one-third of our entire life sleeping! That  is because sleep is extremely important for our bodies. It allows our mind to rest and  enhances concentration, memory and focus. In

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Willingness|Understanding Self-Harm

Understanding Self-Harm

Locally, 1200 people engage in deliberate self-harm (DSH) annually (Vassallo, 2020). Hence this blog aims to give an insight into DSH. Some consider it as a cry for attention while others attribute it to suicidal thoughts and ideations. Although it

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Willingness|Chat Bar | Festival Survival Guide

Chat Bar | Festival Survival Guide

Getting ready

  • You chose the festival – a great one at that!
  • Make sure to check the festival’s website & socials to figure out the map, layout and how to get there.

What to take with you

  • Protective clothing –
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