Willingness|I never have enough time

I never have enough time

My encounters with clients and their topics, as well as my struggle with the feeling of never having enough time and the stress that comes with that, led me to a podcast that talked about the way we tend to

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Willingness|<strong>What Is It Like Dating A Drug Addict?</strong>

What Is It Like Dating A Drug Addict?

Being in a close relationship or dating an addict can be very difficult, even if you’re unaware of what is going on which is common as the warning signs of drug addiction can be difficult to identify. You may also

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Willingness|Myth Buster: Bipolar Disorder

Myth Buster: Bipolar Disorder

Despite being a reasonably prevalent mental condition, bipolar disorder is  underrepresented. Many people think that someone with bipolar disorder is consistently either happy or  sad. This might lead to people diagnosed with bipolar disorder frequently feeling  unsupported and misunderstood due

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Willingness|How to learn to be alone

How to learn to be alone

Coming out of a global pandemic, just recently many people were spending a lot of time alone – during lockdown, in quarantine, …  We are speaking about imposed alone time here. When actually choosing to be alone, there can be

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Willingness|Why You Should Keep Taking Your Meds

Why You Should Keep Taking Your Meds

Taking your medication as directed in terms of dose, timing, manner, and frequency is  the aspect of adhering to your medication regimen. This is a crucial aspect of taking  medication and simply put, failing to take them as directed by

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Willingness|How do I support a depressed partner?

How do I support a depressed partner?

Supporting a depressed partner can take a significant toll on relationships and cause  loved ones to feel helpless, confused, frustrated, or fearful. Depression is a serious  mental health condition affecting millions of people worldwide each year and is  characterised by

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