Willingness|<strong>Burnout’s Five Stages</strong>

Burnout’s Five Stages

Burnout’s Five Stages

Since the American psychologist, Herbert Freudenberger described burnout syndrome first in the 1970s, further research has been done and it shows that burnout does not happen suddenly, rather it occurs in different stages. Each stage is characterized

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Willingness|What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The word ‘intelligence’ is typically associated with how smart a person is, how much knowledge they have, and how well they do academically. We refer to this type of intelligence as IQ (intelligence quotient). In more recent years, there has

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Willingness|<strong>How does depression affect self-care?</strong>

How does depression affect self-care?

Self-care is the ability to take care of your biological needs like eating, sleeping and grooming and also those personal needs that help you nurture your mental well-being like listening to music or doing art.  Self-care is vital to physical,

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Willingness|<strong>Is my phone burning me out?</strong>

Is my phone burning me out?

With the rise of technology, we are now more interconnected than ever. As much as it makes things easier to have everything available at the tap of a finger, there is also the risk of people getting burnt out due

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Willingness|5 Dimensions of Self-Care

5 Dimensions of Self-Care

Self-care is a term that we have started to hear more about in the past few years. It is used both in the professional context but also in one’s personal life. Taking care of oneself will look differently for each

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Willingness|Self-care is Vital

Self-care is Vital

Some confuse the act of self-care with selfishness, where one simply thinks of oneself at the expense of others. Others experience guilt at the thought of having some time for themselves. Therefore this blog aims to explain self-care and its

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Willingness|I never have enough time

I never have enough time

My encounters with clients and their topics, as well as my struggle with the feeling of never having enough time and the stress that comes with that, led me to a podcast that talked about the way we tend to

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Willingness|<strong>What Is It Like Dating A Drug Addict?</strong>

What Is It Like Dating A Drug Addict?

Being in a close relationship or dating an addict can be very difficult, even if you’re unaware of what is going on which is common as the warning signs of drug addiction can be difficult to identify. You may also

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