Willingness | The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money

Unlocking the Power of the Psychology of Finance: Why Your Money Mindset Matters

Did you know that our emotions, beliefs, and behaviours have a profound impact on how we handle money? It’s true! The psychology of finance is a crucial

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Willingness | The pros and cons of being your own boss

The pros and cons of being your own boss

Work takes up a huge part of one’s life and hence it is important for one to enjoy one’s work. Additionally, one needs to factor in other conditions such as wage, relationship with colleagues, level of stress and one’s superior. 

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Willingness | Burnout = Wake Up Call?

Burnout = Wake Up Call?

Feeling exhausted on a Wednesday morning might well reflect a stressful everyday life, but recognizing the feeling as being ‘burnt out’ can be life-changing and point towards a serious condition. 

Many people work under constant stress, which can evoke symptoms

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Willingness | Mindfulness meditation is not for me

Mindfulness meditation is not for me

Why all this fuss about mindfulness?

In the ‘Annual Review of Clinical Psychology Journal’, the psychologist Joseph Wielgosz and his team explore the recent strong interest of mindfulness practices in mental health treatment. Below I will describe three

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Willingness | 7 life skills every adult should know

7 life skills every adult should know

NICEF, UNESCO and WHO came up with ten life skills which are considered to be core strategies and techniques that every adult should attain. In this blog I will group these skills into 7, and are listed and explored into

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