Decisions, decisions, decisions! |part 2

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Focusing on solely one time perspective when making decisions can obviously have its downside when making decisions. Making decisions mainly from a life goal future oriented perspective can lead to less time for hobbies, family, and … Read more

Decisions, decisions, decisions! | part 1

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During such uncertain times, making the right decisions about finances, health, family, and wellbeing is on most of our minds. Zimbardo, Sword and Sword (2012) explain that the way in which we make decisions is intertwined … Read more

How can I find out what I am good at?

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At some point or another, many of us find ourselves facing the question ‘What are my strengths and resources?’ Perhaps we are asked this directly during a job interview, or we think about this when we … Read more

Unmute your Heart

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For the last few weeks, many of us have been practicing social distancing. However, although we have barely left the house, many of us have experienced this time of isolation as shockingly busy and hectic!

The … Read more


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It’s one of those universal signs which many dislike and avoid, some even go to the extremes of avoiding failure throughout their whole existence. Why would such a symbol create so much angst, sadness and shame? … Read more

The art of loving yourself

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We know art can be beautiful, in fact many spend hours creating or admiring it. But we also know it can be messy and time consuming. This is why I feel that loving yourself is not … Read more

Tips on how to work on your self esteem

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Good self-esteem means positive realism about one’s own opportunities and limitations. It does not mean seeing oneself in overly positive light or elevating oneself above others. It is a positive, but truthful assessment of yourself.

Strong … Read more