Willingness | <em>Sex Catalogue: Tinderization & Sex</em>

Sex Catalogue: Tinderization & Sex

In an increasingly connected society where people are always ready to interact digitally, the pacing of emotional intimacy has to be constantly tweaked. Dating apps facilitate rapid connection and constant communication, however they have disillusioned us from raw and intimate

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Willingness | SUI: Sex Under the Influence

SUI: Sex Under the Influence

A discussion was held at the University of Malta on ‘SUI: Sex under the influence’. This event looked into drugs and the effects they have on our sex lives. The event was hosted by a Master of Addiction

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Willingness | Sex & Porn Addiction | Nghidu Kelma

Sex & Porn Addiction | Nghidu Kelma

Love, Relationship, Sexual and Pornographic addictions are an increasing phenomena worldwide yet little, if any, attention is given over to this in training courses. The use of sex or pornography is an attempt to connect to a need for connection

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Willingness | Psychiatric Medication | Ngħidu Kelma

Psychiatric Medication | Ngħidu Kelma

Following the success of Willingness’ in House Training regarding ‘Psychiatric Medication and the effects on the therapeutic process’, Willingness received numerous requests for this to be done through the Ngħidu Kelma Platform. Many people have a negative view of

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Willingness | Behind Closed Doors | Online Event

Behind Closed Doors | Online Event

An online event called Behind Closed Doors was created in response to a week-long campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence, addressing the realities of the issue that is ever-present in today’s society. Domestic violence at a young age can

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