The Family 360° Conference addressed a multidisciplinary approach, on March 6, 2021. The conference was held in a hybrid format, with local and international attendees being able to attend either in person or online. The 360° concept was launched in 2014 by Betapsi Malta and the Willingness Team as a multidisciplinary approach to address various relevant and current topics by professionals from a variety of fields, including psychology, health, education, social work, youth work, medicine, law, criminology, religion, sociology, philosophy, and others.

Moreover, 360°’s mission is to provide educational and enlightening events that employ a diverse and interdisciplinary approach to allow professionals to accommodate a greater functional understanding of the content and integrated knowledge rather than working behind isolated perspectives. Using a 360° multidisciplinary approach, this conference discussed and disseminated information about relationships, parenting, caring for family members, gender and sexuality, family dynamics, education, and relevant themes. A number of speakers were present, including Mr. Yaser Teebi, Ms. Vanessa Kurz, Ms. Abigail Church, Ms. Alessandra Muscat, Ms. Ann Julene Hili, Ms. Danica Cassar, Dr. Candace Adams, and other professionals coming from various backgrounds.

Willingness | Family 360° Hybrid Conference - A Multidisciplinary Approach