Parenting is difficult, there is no exact right or wrong way to go by it, however through positive parenting you can improve the relationship with your child.

Positive parenting can be defined as an approach to childcare that aids the parent-child relationship. Lack of positive parenting can have negative effects on the child such as emotional, intellectual and social problems.

Parents need to find a balance between the disciplinary and emotional response. While praising the child is beneficial, over-praising can have unwanted results. Hugging, listening and being emotionally available are soft skills which aid desired behaviour. It is important to balance these with hard skills which include setting rules and having consequences when not followed.

Disciplining can be done in different forms, for instance, asking the child what they did wrong will allow them to see their behaviour through a different perspective. Creating to-do charts and having them tick off what they’ve done will help them stick to a routine. Timeouts are beneficial for both parent and child, as they have time to decide and react better.

Positive parenting will help the family flourish as a unit, nevertheless there is no parenting handbook and bringing up the child in different ways can still yield positive results.

– Michaela Bonello