The birth of the first child is likely to be the most awaited but it is also the one that brings the most uncertainties in the parents.

The birth order effect describes firstborns as having the following characteristics:
◆ Mature
◆ Responsible
◆ Approval-seeking
◆ High-achieving
Many factors contribute to these character traits but most of them are centered around the birth of the second child.

Once the sibling is born, there will be an obvious shift in attention, moving from the first born to the newborn baby. Additionally, upon their birth, the parents will treat the child as the elder one, therefore, expectations of the their behaviour will change. As a result, the child will take on a more responsible and leading role, at times even a parenting one.

These roles may model the child into becoming more responsible and mature than peers.
In addition to that, the child may develop good leadership skills through their interaction with the younger sibling.

First borns are therefore likely to seek jobs related to power, such as the law and politics and also to obtain the position of leader when working in a team.

-Alessia Camilleri – an intern at