This Masterclass focused on working with couples, which was held on February 25th and March 11th, 2023. The masterclass was led by three couple work experts who offered their different techniques, according to their modalities in order to help the participants feel more confident in working with couples. The first speaker was Matthew Bartolo, a Sex & Relationship Psychotherapist, who presented a workshop in which attendees participated in role plays and explored real-life scenarios of working with couples. During this workshop, participants were free to experiment, try, and fail while learning how to deal with couples in therapy. The second speaker was Thomas Galea, a Couple Therapist, who delivered a systematic and attachment conceptual framework to explore what constitutes a long-lasting and satisfying couple relationship. The final speaker was Karen Bishop, a Systemic Therapist, who highlighted coping with different types of secrets in couples and family therapy, as well as the boundaries to confidentiality.

Willingness | Working with Couples | Masterclass