Having fun with your family is not only important for having fun, but also to build a stronger family identity. Studies show that families who have fun together tend to build stronger bonds which ties for life. Other benefits can include confidence, improving communications skills and creating stronger emotional bonds. These can be an opportunity to make memories and traditions. Traditions and moments spend together, help to define each family from another. Usually these memories and traditions are passed one as the family continues to expand.

Now that we have discussed why it is important to spend time and have fun with your family, let’s have a look at 11 fun activities which you can do with your family. The following are 11 fun ideas for you to enjoy:- 

1. Card Games

This is the most common and hassle free activity that a family can choose to have fun together. Playing a card game such as; Uno or Snap does not need a lot of organisation, space or equipment. You just need to grab that pack of card games and enjoy yourself with your family. 

2. Go on a picnic

Involve your family, including kids to pack that picnic basket with healthy delicious food and some goodies and go on a picnic. Enjoy your family whilst absorbing some source of vitamin D from the sun. 

3. Visit the Beach 

Even if it is not summer, you can still visit the beach and spend some time on the beach. A few might also consider fishing whilst visiting a seashore. Children and young teens might find this exciting. If visiting the beach during summer, you can consider to take with you some food and drinks to share after a good swim or maybe after playing on the sandy beach. 

4. Cook lunch, dinner or bake something yummy 

This can be a good opportunity to attain a new skill that of; cooking. Cooking a new recipe with your partner or even passing on a family recipe to your kids can be another fun activity that you can opt to when spending quality time with your family. This is not only a fun activity but also a warm-hearted one, as you are doing something nice to each other whilst spending time together. 

5. Take out that Board Game. 

Board games such as; Pictionary, Jenga or Twister are some of the board games which you can turn to for some fun. Beyond having fun, these games can also help in improving your kids’ creative skills.  

6. Go for a Bike ride.

Get on that bike and spend some time navigating new areas with your family. Whilst this is fun, this can also be a means of some physical activity. 

7. Go Bowling

This activity can be challenging apart from being fun. It is also an activity which is practised indoors so if it happens to be a rainy day it can still be ideal for family time. 

8. Go on a nature walk 

Enjoy each other’s company whilst exploring nature and check out on plants and animals or insects in their natural habitat. Kids would love this and this activity can encourage them to be curious, which can instil in them other life skills.  

9. Go Camping

Whilst this activity can be fun, this is also adventurous. Kids can learn new skills when camping. 

10. Raid the recycling for some crafts

This is an activity which is not only fun but also environmental friendly and low-cost. Be creative and engage in some crafty activities. You can opt to do a seasonal craft like a carnival mask or a costume, or maybe a Christmas ornament if it’s that time of the year. 

11. Movie Night

If it’s winter, this would be a very cosy idea. You can let your children or your partner choose a movie. Spending time watching a movie cosy on the sofa, might not be very communicative as an activity however, you can choose a film where once it has ended, you can discuss with your family the theme or a particular topic based on the movie watched. 

It is not important which activity you choose but to have fun, create memories and to spend some togetherness time ☺ 

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Rachel Osmond is a Family Therapist with Willingness who works with individuals, couples and families. She also has experience with children and adolescents.