Ngħidu Kelma has never been afraid to talk about difficult topics. One of the seminars was on ‘Abortion’. Abortion is a topic that is difficult to speak about due to the multifaceted views in relation to; legality, morality, social perceptions, and the psychological ramifications of having an abortion. When a professional thinks of Abortion, several questions are raised: Should we support someone going through it? What if they’re doing it abroad? Am I legally responsible if the father says that I knew it was going to happen but didn’t report? Do all people who go through with it feel guilt and regret after? Do they all need support? These are questions that most professionals ask, so Willingness got a lawyer and a panel of experienced professionals to discuss these questions with other professionals. This event’s main aim was to tackle how to tackle abortion when presented in a clinical or therapeutic setting. The moderator during this seminar was Prof. Andrew Azzopardi, the lawyer was Dr. Ezekiel Azzopardi, and the panel was Ms. Silvia Galea a counselor, Ms. Rosyln Vella a social worker, and Dr. Charles Cassar a psychotherapist.

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