How often did you want to know how to stop your child from misbehaving? I have been involved in hundreds of discussions with parents and professionals attempting to find magical ways to stop misbehaviour. Well … so far I have come short. There a few techniques which are extremely helpful to address misbehaviour (my work with Willingness is to teach these techniques), but my idea is that we should change our perspective. My view is that many parents tend to be reactive, which means they try something when the unwanted behaviour starts. That is a reaction. I believe in investment. I believe in enforcing positive behaviour. Praise your child when s/he does something right or beautiful. Try to spend quality time with your son or daughter. Seek physical contact as much as possible. Celebrate the positive behaviours. In this manner, the child begins to appreciate that good behaviours are rewarded and that s/he does not need to misbehave to attract attention. The truth is that we tend to try to discourage bad behaviours through consequences and punishments. Please know this, it works also in reverse. You can expect more good, if you encourage it and reward it. Readers, Let me know what you think?