Therapy traditionally consists of sitting on a sofa while talking to a counselor. But in this digital age, online therapy is not only just as beneficial , but so much more convenient than conventional therapy. This may be the main reason why therapy sessions carried out online have become increasingly common in recent years.Imagine the hectic life of an executive or the busy stay at home parent, or the young personhaving limited transportation means available, a person desiring therapeutic assistance butwith a liability schedule that makes committing to appointments difficult. Onlinecounseling can take place at the comfort of your home, at the time when it is most convenient to you.

Traditional therapy requires that the client goes to an office. Appointments necessitate the driving to another location, risking being stuck in traffic to get to desired location, find a place to park so as to attend the session. Although the therapy session may only last 50 minutes to 1hour, the total time incurred will be nearly double the time, if not more.Individuals who are shy, have social anxieties or have transportation limitations cancomfortably access therapeutic intervention via online counseling. Self disclosure and honesty tends to occur more rapidly in online counseling. Some people express themselves much better in writing than they do in person. For such people, online email based counseling offers a perfect avenue for discussing their problems with a professionaltherapist. Online counseling emails can be read and re-read allowing for review weeks or even months after the actual session. Much like TV nowadays, people like to get their therapy on demand. People like theopportunity to communicate with their therapists at non-fixed intervals. The knowledgethat the therapist is only one click away alleviates anxiety. People nowadays look for ways to fit counseling into their lives as they understand both the therapy’s importance as they struggle through hard times, and how easily accessible online therapy has become.