Should you invite children to your wedding? Is it worth the extra stress? Will they get bored during the reception? Will they misbehave? What if you don’t invite kids? Will the parents be offended? What if I told you that you don’t have to mind children at your wedding, because childminders will.

Having a childminder at your wedding is the latest trend when it comes to planning your perfect day. Childminders will be responsible for taking care of the children present at the event, allowing the guests to enjoy the occasion while knowing that their kids are in safe hands. Parents will appreciate not having to worry about leaving their kids at home, and all the important little ones in your life can be part of your special day too. Because after all, why should the kids be left out?

So what exactly will childminders do? A childminder at your wedding will act as a cross between a babysitter and an animator. They will not only make sure that the children are fed and have their needs met, but also provide entertainment with toys, games and activities. They are trained to work with children of all ages in a variety of settings, and can adapt to your venue and individual requests.

Apart from putting the parents’ mind at rest, childminders make the wedding an enjoyable experience for the youngsters too. Because what kid wants to sit and stare at a ceremony for who knows how many hours? A childminder can keep the youngsters busy, allowing space for the adults to have some adult fun.

Pros of having childminders at your wedding:

– fun for the kids

– fun for the parents

– peace of mind for the wedding couple

– peace of mind for the parents

– a memorable occasion for everyone

So if you want your wedding to be a hit for all ages, join in on the trend and hire childminders for your big day. Childminders by Willingness offers a professional wedding childminding service. For more information and to book your childminders contact

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Nicole Borg is a medical student at the University of Malta and a childminder with Willingness. She has experience working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders and a great interest in psychiatry and development.