In part 1 of this blog, we tackled three frequently asked questions related to Systemic Therapy with couples:

  • What is Systemic Therapy?
  • Should we come to therapy together?
  • Is this my fault? Is this my partner’s fault?

In part 2 of this blog, we will continue discussing two more questions, with the aim of clarifying some more details about Systemic Therapy with couples.

How will we know that therapy is working?

Your therapist will generally support you with setting a clear and achievable therapeutic goal. This goal can be broken down in different steps/smaller goals that you can work towards; which will help you with measuring the progress that you are looking for. For instance, if a couple is seeking support to improve their connection, the couple might decide that the first goal for them is to be able to dedicate two hours every week to have dinner together instead of at different times of the evening. Often, clients feel that therapy is working when they (or others) start to experience or observe differences outside of therapy. Once this goal is reached and the couple is acknowledging this progress, the couple can discuss what other goals can be built on the previous one; ultimately with the aim of reaching the larger goal, in this case, that of strengthening the couple connection.

Do we need to have a problem to go to couple’s therapy?

While some may think that therapy is there only for when a couple is in great distress, couple’s therapy can actually be used in a variety of situations. Some may opt to come to therapy when they fear that an issue, a difference or an experience can, at a later stage, turn into something that is more difficult to manage if this is left unprocessed. A couple can also opt for therapy because they wish to use the space for exploration and growth; such as a couple who would wish to learn more about their relationship and about one another in a therapeutic space.

Rebecca Cassar is a Family Therapist practicing the Systemic Approach. She specializes in offering therapy to families, couples and individuals who are experiencing distress in their relationships. She can be contacted on or call us on 79291817.