May I invite all parents to visualise the moment when their children will finally decide that they may cross the road by themselves without assistance? A moment most parents dread, but an important episode in our children’s development. It is. At that moment, our children begin to become independent and start their journey to becoming adults. The changes which occur at this time are tremendous.

Both research and experience describe adolescence as one of the most challenging times for parents. We can now begin to see signs of defiance and questioning of parental say in and out of the house. But remember this; this is not about challenging your authority, but it really is about learning to fend for yourself. Just as in crossing the street, children must learn to take control of their lives. As a parent we need to adapt to this new stage, where our role is to provide a safe school of ‘’LIFE’’. Adolescence is a time to discuss and to be the reference point for your child. Inevitably there will be mistakes, but having someone to turn to in hard times, will be the greatest gift you can give as a parent.