Willingness | Is time more valuable than money

Is time more valuable than money

Time and money are two fundamental sources that shape our lives. Both are essential in achieving our goals and fulfilling our desires. The debate over which holds greater value, time or money, has long been a subject of contemplation and

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Willingness | <strong>The role of dopamine in ADHD</strong>

The role of dopamine in ADHD

In this blog, we will delve into the role that ‘Dopamine’ plays in the ADHD brain. In order to do this, we have to first start by looking at what dopamine is. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which is implicated in

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Willingness | <strong>What is the actual cost of multi-tasking?</strong>

What is the actual cost of multi-tasking?

Are you more of a “one thing at a time” or an “all at once” person? In today’s world, being able to tackle different things at once is often required. We even mention multi-tasking in our CV as one of

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Willingness | <strong>Finding Harmony in a Hectic World</strong>

Finding Harmony in a Hectic World

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is key to our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, finding harmony in a hectic world is a struggle that many of us continue facing on a regular basis. To find harmony, prioritize balancing work, relationships, exercise,

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Willingness | <strong>Healthy Dieting at an Old Age</strong>

Healthy Dieting at an Old Age

Having a healthy diet at an old age is paramount to having a healthy life. A diet can affect an older adult on multiple levels, including the physical domains, the psychological domains, and the social domains. 

Without a healthy diet,

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Willingness | <strong>X'Tista' Tagħmel Meta Tħossok Bla Enerġija</strong>

X’Tista’ Tagħmel Meta Tħossok Bla Enerġija

Hemm ċans tajjeb li tispiċċa mingħajr enerġija meta jkollok ħafna affarijiet jiġru f’daqqa, argumenti u, possibbilment, nuqqas ta’ sapport min-naħa tal-ħbieb u tal-familja. Dan jaf inaqqaslek il-kapaċità li tieħu ħsieb tiegħek innifsek u ta’ ħaddieħor u, konsegwenza t’hekk, tonqoslok il-paċenzja

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