People do not just open up with counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists. People also open up about their problems with hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians and tattoo artists and others. Unfortunately, most of these professionals are not trained on how to take care of themselves when hearing all these difficult realities that others are going through.

This is why, at Willingness, we believe that it is our duty to collaborate together to push for a more positive mental health approach nationwide. Willingness invited professionals to a seminar on ‘How to deal with clients sharing problems at your salon’ to discuss, understand and share tips about how to support your clients but still maintain boundaries and take care of yourself. Apart from this, it was discussed how to build a good rapport with clients and why this is helpful to maintain the clientele, what to say and not to say when clients overshare, how to maintain a positive environment at the salon, how to to take care of oneself when clients talk about issues that are sensitive for one and how to actively support clients by encouraging them to seek professional help. This was done through the use of case scenarios, role plays and discussions. The key speakers during this seminar were Ms. Claire Borg and Ms. Rebecca Cassar.

Willingness | How to Deal with Clients Sharing Problems at your Salon