The 360 conferences, are an approach whereby different relevant and current topics are tackled from a multidisciplinary point of view. This is whereby, one topic is discussed from various perspectives of professionals in numerous fields. Including such fields as psychology, health, social work, youth work, medicine, law, criminology, religion, sociology, philosophy, and various others. This ‘Children 360° Conference – A Multidisciplinary Approach’ discussed and disseminated information regarding childhood, adolescence, development, family, parenting, education and other related topics, using the 360° multidisciplinary approach. The conference commenced with a case review, which led to a number of concurrent workshops by different speakers include: Praise: the labels we tend to glorify; a review of legal interventions in severe parental alienation cases; the effects of parents infidelity on children; children’s embodied process; the pornification of children; parental authority, child custody and access rights and others. A number of speakers were present which include: Mr. Matthew Bartolo, Ms. Elvira Psaila, Ms. Stephanie Caruana, Mr. Steve Libreri, Ms. Lou Ghirlando and other professionals coming from various backgrounds.