As promised in the previous blog we will now talk about dealing with FoMO (fear of missing out).

Usually, when dealing with a certain fear through therapy, it is preferred to expose oneself to the fear. This helps the person get accustomed to the feared object/situation. However, for FoMO it has been advised to step away from all social media platforms. Some suggest turning off the notifications from social media whilst others claim it is better to switch the gadget off. By scrolling down our newsfeed, we see what others are ‘happy’ about and what they are ‘enjoying’. This can make us feel disappointed that we are not like them, by making us consciously or unconsciously compare ourselves to them. This results in forgetting our blessings and stops us from enjoying what has been around us all the time – family, friends, nature etc.

It is important to remember that nobody’s life is perfect, even though it may seem like it on social media. Be grateful for what you have and for what you want to achieve. Gratefulness helps in dealing effectively with FoMO, along with the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness focuses on the here and now; this helps one prevent jumping from one situation to another and focus on one’s precious life.

It is important to remind oneself, that one cannot have it all and that is totally okay. So, I urge you to switch off your phone or tablet, open the door, meet some new people and enjoy the sun whilst it still shines. 

– Danica Cassar is a second year psychology student at the University of Malta. Her main interest in the field is play therapy and looks to further her career in the sector. Danica is an intern at