Change can happen at any time, it is important that one is not afraid to take the first step into such change and be ready for all that is to come with it. A seminar as part of ‘Nghidu Kelma’ was held on the topic  ‘Let go of the fear of letting go’. The key speaker during this seminar was an international speaker Mr. Łukasz Piotr Stecko. Nowadays we are expected to be flexible. We are under pressure to move fast, to change, to adapt. With this pressure comes also a tendency to hold on to our identities, lifestyles and routines to control the changed. This need to have our lives under control can give us a fear of letting go. During this seminar, the speaker focused on theoretical aspects behind the fear of letting go and looking into Buddhist teachings that can help one cope with the fear of letting go. Several teachings of Buddha explain how our complicated world functions, and why we often have this need to be in control. This knowledge can be used to help us overcome challenges and difficulties in our lives. The speaker also delved into some practical ways on which to implement this in practice with our clients in the form of case studies. Participants during the seminar reflected on questions such as: ‘How can I let go of this fear? How can we help our clients let go of this fear?’