Following the success of the seminar ‘Empathising with the Monster’ as part of ‘Nghidu Kelma’ in 2016, the seminar was held again to explore how literature defines paedophilia. Furthermore, through discussions and group work this workshop helped participants look at particular cases and explore how to work effectively with clients with such tendencies. Professionals were encouraged to reflect on their own attitudes towards adults with paedophilic tendencies and reflect on the processes that an adult with paedophilic tendencies goes through and how best to help someone struggling with such attraction. The main aim of the workshop was for participants to learn how we can create the right containing and safe environment for such clients to feel safe. The main speaker in this seminar was Mr. Matthew Bartolo, a counsellor who has also worked with sex offenders in Keppel Unit, in the UK. Mr. Bartolo believes that professionals who can offer the right space for such clients to work on their issues and learn coping skills, will eventually help the possible victims, prepubescent children.