Travelling with little children can be daunting. Whether it is your very first trip or your fifth one planning ahead and staying grounded is key. The following write-up will give you some tips not only to survive but enjoy the ordeal:

Choose wisely:

Choose your destination wisely. Make sure that the place you book is child friendly; you might have loved exploring the narrow winding cobbled streets leading to that boutique hotel during your honeymoon, but going uphill with a pushchair and a 4 year old might be a different story…

Pack well:

Remember that most of what you need can be bought when you reach your destination. However, pack enough snacks, milk and wipes to last you for the journey. Keep the kids entertained with games, tablets etc. and do not forget to pre-charge these and have extra battery packs.

When you pack your luggage, have a good look at what you packed and re-pack if necessary. Do you really need 6 pairs of different trousers for each child? Will you be using 4 pairs of heels! Check if there are launderette services close to your booked accommodation and make use of them.


Research your destination:

Do you need a special visa for your child? Do you need to plan immunization sessions and take up with you any specific medication? Moreover, it might help to carry a small first-aid kit for any emergencies.

Find activities that are tailor-made for kids so that it will be a memorable experience for them too. Most museums, have special programmes designed to help children understand and learn during their visit. Look up playgrounds and water parks located around where you are staying so that the children can have their ‘fun time’ too. If you are travelling with your partner look for child-minding facilities in your hotel/accommodation that can help you as adults have some time carved out without the little ones.

Track them!!:

Some parents might be afraid that a child wonders off in a foreign country. If that is one of your fears, ask each child to wear a wrist band with the parents’ name and your mobile number. Moreover, there are GPS tracking devices that can be worn by the child a followed on an app by the parent.

Explain your journey:

Talk to your kids about your journey. Explain what is going to happen and let them ask questions about the place you will visit together. Let them get excited about it…it’s an adventure after all!!



Anna Catania is a counsellor with Willingness. She has had a special interest in working with clients facing intimacy and sexual difficulties and runs a service for families going through cancer and chronic illness. She can be contacted on