Willingness|Is work affecting your sex life?

Is work affecting your sex life?

Whether we are physicians, engineers, corporate executives, or psychologists, work is a  significant component of human lives. Work and the baggage it carries may have an  impact on many areas of our lives, whether we are aware of it or

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Willingness|Libido:  A Psychoanalytic Approach

Libido: A Psychoanalytic Approach

Libido, derived from Latin for desire and lust, was first introduced as a concept by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). In his psychoanalytic theory, Freud proposed that life drive (Eros) is opposed by the self-destructive death instinct (Thanatos), the interaction of which

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Willingness|Pornography: Oppressive or Liberating?

Pornography: Oppressive or Liberating?

Pornography is a heavily discussed topic: While some perceive porn as sinful, others see it as a means for sexual education to learn about pleasure and sexual fantasies. 

Watching porn online has become popular in recent years. Sex sells. 


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Willingness|Exploring Your Erotic Blueprint

Exploring Your Erotic Blueprint

Have you ever given much thought about what it is that turns you on? Do you know what your erotic blueprint is? The concept of The Erotic Blueprint was developed by a somatic sexologist named Jaiya, after years of studying

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