Am I “Good-Enough” In Bed?

This is a question that most people have thought of at some point in their lives but how can anyone know the answer? Is it up to the partner to decide or you? Are there standards of “good” sexual performance?

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Sexual Assault in Public – What do I do?

Most discos and nightclubs are still closed in Malta, however, restaurants and snack bars are open and people flock out into the real world to party again. Whether you are enjoying an evening there or at unofficial locations involving alcohol

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Inħoss li ma Twelidtx fil-Ġisem li Suppost

Li tħossok li inti persuna differenti minn dak li qed jidher fuq barra tista’ tikkawża sensazzjoni ta’ dwejjaq kbar li tissejjaħ ‘gender dysphoria’ (Turban, 2020). Ħafna drabi, din tirriżulta f’operazzjonijiet fuq il-ġisem biex jinbidel għal dak tal-ġeneru li huma jidentifikaw

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My vagina hurts when I have sex

Sexual intercourse should not hurt, but give you pleasure. If you are reading this, you have most probably experienced vaginal pain in intimate situations with your sexual partner or afterwards – the pain might occur in the vagina or deeper

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