Willingness|The Orgasm Gap

The Orgasm Gap

“The orgasm gap” is a phrase used to describe a difference in orgasm frequencies between the individuals in a sexual relationship – in other words, one person has more orgasms than the other. 

Most of us will, at some point,

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Willingness|Can music improve your sex life?

Can music improve your sex life?

Let’s be real, everyone knows that music affects our mood. Music has been proven to influence the mind in ways that we don’t even know yet. Some of us say we can’t live without music (each person would have a

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Willingness|What exactly is an orgasm?

What exactly is an orgasm?

Some have stated that orgasms are indescribable and undefinable, but also some gave it a try for its definition in the past:

“The expulsive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the peak of sexual response.” – Kinsey and colleagues, 1953


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Willingness|4 Health tips for first time sex

4 Health tips for first time sex

Having sex for the first time is one of the most important and intimate steps towards any relationship. It not only connects you physically with your partner, but is also a step closer to exploring and understanding your body. In

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Willingness|Am I “Good-Enough” In Bed?

Am I “Good-Enough” In Bed?

This is a question that most people have thought of at some point in their lives but how can anyone know the answer? Is it up to the partner to decide or you? Are there standards of “good” sexual performance?

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Willingness|Sexual Assault in Public - What do I do?

Sexual Assault in Public – What do I do?

Most discos and nightclubs are still closed in Malta, however, restaurants and snack bars are open and people flock out into the real world to party again. Whether you are enjoying an evening there or at unofficial locations involving alcohol

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