Life keeps getting more and more hectic, and we get busier and busier, from the moment we open our eyes til the moment we sleep. We fill our days to the brim, barely allocating time to breathe. Unfortunately, the first thing that has to go to accommodate this lifestyle is our “me time”. This is the time we spend alone, without there needing to be another person present. I would also add that “me time” is time spent doing something without the intention of then sharing it on social media.

Does this mean I believe that you shouldn’t share a photo of that beautiful sunset you saw? Not at all! Share it, but don’t let that be your only reason for looking at that sunset – through the lens of your phone.

So how can I find me time if my time is already non-existent?

The first thing to remember is that “me time” should take priority. If you really feel like there’s no time then see where your time is being spent. Do you spend hours scrolling through social media? Do you spend too much time in traffic? Maybe you watch too many series – not because you like it, but because you don’t feel like doing anything else.

 Look at the ways you spend time and you will definitely find time to be with yourself.

So I found “me time”, now what?

Now, find activities which you enjoy, which will help you relax, which can help you to feel connected with yourself. These can include trying to keep a plant alive, a sport, going for hikes, or learning a language (which is also something you can do while in traffic). The list is endless. Our “me time” doesn’t have to last for hours on end, even quick activities can have positive impacts on our mental health.


Mel McElhatton holds a degree in Social Work from the University of Malta. With Willingness, Mel does life coaching and is one of the facilitators in the IRL – In Real Life team. They are also the producer of the radio show Niddiskutu s-Sess. They can be contacted on or call us on 79291817.