Laptops, mobile phones, tablets and similar gadgets are wonderful. I have use for them in my private and professional life, as many of you have. They are so versatile and you can use them for a variety of things, even to quieten your children. It is common for me to see children become completely immersed in a clip or in a game abruptly, almost making them seem like hypnothized with the picture.

I am not anti technology, to the contrary. However technology can become a problem. Human beings require a mix of many different things to live well. Some items include; good nutrition, exercise, strong relationships, fresh air, quiet time for reflection and so on. Hooking up on technology so much that it can be termed as a binge, naturally means that you have much less time doing those other important things in your life. As parents or caregivers, try to encourage different activities that help the child develop different abilities in his life. Do not neglect the power of a pic nic or tumble play.

Use technology for what it is for. Using it to calm your children is fine, as long as it is not your go-to technique each and every time. Limit it as much as possible.

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– Steve Libreri is a parent coach and social worker working with Willingness. He specialises in generic social work, parent coaching and addiction prevention. He can be contacted on