Politicians are some of the most pressured individuals in society. This is due to them constantly being in the limelight. Anything a politician says or does can have drastic effects on entire societies.

Politics has always been a delicate subject, therefore politicians are always judged by the public for their actions, them being right or wrong. This causes large waves of stress to be felt by politicians at all times. Some politicians tend to become depressed over time as they might end up going against their morals and beliefs in order not to have their career end.

Politicians are constantly watching their step as the slightest mistake or inconvenience to the public could potentially end their whole career. This is why politicians are more likely to suffer from anxiety. After all, they are responsible for various aspects that go on in their country including; financial security, sustainable development and all around well being of their nation.

Many politicians can find themselves in legal issues as due to the pressure they feel they make the wrong choices. This leads to them being embarrassed on a national scale and, they may find themselves alone, ashamed and unable to face the public.

Politicians are pressured most during and around the election season. During this time they are under the microscopic view of journalists and the public. They must ensure that they do not make any mistakes close to this period in time as doing so might cost them the election. This season is crucial for politicians as a loss in the election will not only mean they are not in government but it could cost them their entire career. It is said that during this time the stress and anxiety levels are bound to increase. Further, if they don’t win the election they may feel like a failure which can lead to depression and social anxiety.

Throughout a politicians life if the politician is not committed a fixed job as their occupation then their career could be an unstable one. This causes unnecessary stress on the individual as one day they may have a job and income, and next they have nothing.

They are constantly judged by the public which could also cause major self-esteem issues which forces one to second guess every move they make.

It is important that politicians keep a healthy mind and allow time for themselves. This will help them to reboot thus being able to handle the situations in a positive and reasonable manner.



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Therisa Gambin is a psychology graduate who worked in the HR sector for the past 4 years. She decided to change her career path and thus is at present an intern at Willingness and will continue to focus on psychology practices.