4. Introspect

It sounds like something related to an image in the mirror, however, introspect is the ability to self-reflect by examining one’s thoughts and feelings. This is the safest place to be honest about feelings and thoughts because it is literally with yourself. Most of us do reflect when they are on their own, but do you stop and reflect on the feelings or just have a thought and let it pass? Investing into self-reflection can help you grow individually by getting to know yourself better but also in improving your relationships with others and making meaning of the feelings that you experience. In this busy life that everyone is living, one can easily get caught up and do not find the time to self-reflect. As I mentioned a few lines above, we all have thoughts throughout our day but we need to reflect and not let it fade away. This process of self-reflection gives more insight and gives you the space to improve your perception of the life you are living. Happiness is a force that comes from within and this exercise of self-reflection makes it possible to bring change in your life and finding happiness, peace and overcoming fears. As Aristotle used to say, ‘we are what we repeatedly do’. 

5. Thoughts

Did you know that you have about 6,000 thoughts per day? When studying the brain, psychologists stated that the brain flows from one thought to another. These can and are mostly influenced by external influences (Murdock, 2020). Hence, imagine if most of these thoughts would be negative. Be aware of negative thoughts and try to get rid of the negative ones. Positive and grateful thoughts should be a fundamental habit of our daily thoughts, to build and improve your perspective about life. 

6. Surroundings

People around you have an influence on your daily routine and help in your positive energy. Therefore, surrounding yourself with positive people and letting go of relationships which pull you down is important to stay positive. Having good friends with whom to share good times and help in bad times is significant in life. Good friends can be the best critics, as they know you well and they can help you improve your life and also your personality. A Maltese saying states ‘Jekk tagħmilha maz-zopp, f’għeluq is-sena ssir zopp bħalu’ (literate translation; if you spend your time with someone who cripples to walk, at the end of the year you will end up crippling as well). 

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Rachel Osmond is a Family Therapist with Willingness who works with individuals, couples and families. She also has experience with children and adolescents.


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