health, reduces the risk of diseases and strengthens one’s physique. Nevertheless, some find it difficult to engage in regular physical activity. Therefore, this blog aims to explore 10 different activities that could be done as a family (CDC, 2023).

Walking or hiking 

Going for a walk or a hike as a family allows for exercise, but it is also a fun outdoor activity where one can explore nature and take it as an adventure (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).

Going to the playground

The playground is good for all ages. With younger kids one can exercise in the form of play: by running around after children and playing on the swings. On the other hand, if kids are older, one can make use of the gym facilities at the swings. The aim is to make it fun and still perform physical activity (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).

Meditation and yoga

This is another exercise that could be done together as a family. Yoga is great for one’s mental and emotional well-being and is said to help manage stress and anxiety. This exercise also strengthens the bonds within the family (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).

Going for a bicycle ride

Take the time to go for a bicycle adventure. Whether one goes around the neighbourhood or to a park is up to the family itself (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).


Swimming is another exercise that could be done together as a family. Either professional swimming or leisure swimming can be beneficial (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).

Jumping rope or hula hoops

These are usually activities that children try out in school. Nevertheless, they are a great form of exercise. Additionally, these exercises are quite simple requiring minimal equipment and can be a great deal of fun for all the family (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).

Strength training

Strength training doesn’t have to include a lot of equipment. Families can engage in a friendly competition of sit ups, push-ups, and lunges. Additionally, simple exercises with small weights can also be great for the cardiovascular system (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).

Building a course in the backyard

Creating one’s own obstacle course is beneficial as it’s tailored to one’s likes. Such courses are ideal for bonding with all the family including extended family members (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).


Playing any sports as a family is great. Not only is sports a fun exercise but it also helps with stress management and social skills (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).


Dancing can be a fun exercise for all even if it is just fooling around along with some music (Nderitu Munuhe, 2022).

Exercising as a family can be fun. Therefore, one will automatically be more complaint to exercise regimes. Certain exercises can also include some healthy competition, providing further commitment. 

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Yasmine Bonnici graduated in Nursing and also completed her Masters in Counselling. She has worked with victims of domestic violence, clients dealing with suicidal ideations, bereavement, separation and anxieties. She is currently working with Willingness Team as a counsellor seeing clients who would like to explore their own identity and deal with any surfacing issues.


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