In this article, we will explore how ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can affect a relationship and how to deal with it.

A relationship with a person with ADHD is like finding your way through a labyrinth together. Together, you discover new paths, sometimes you get lost, but together you strive for the way out. ADHD affects the relationship, but I want to emphasise that ADHD DOES NOT just have a negative impact, as you might think.

Willingness | How ADHD affects the relationship
The problem between ADHD & Sex

Concentration and distraction

People with ADHD may have difficulty concentrating during sex. As a result, this can lead to difficulty getting excited and maintaining contact with a partner. It is worth considering the reason for the distraction.

  • maybe sexual boredom
  • maybe you are stressed or have too many things on your mind
  • maybe you are not fully comfortable with the other person


People with ADHD often bring spontaneity and craziness to their intimate experiences, which can lead to exciting and unpredictable moments. However, this spontaneity can also sometimes lead to situations that seem risky or uncomfortable.

  • Frequently interrupting others during conversation
  • Making sudden purchases without thinking
  • Making impulsive decisions while driving

Sexual desire

People with ADHD can have hypersexuality (becoming deeply engrossed in sexual activity or hyposexuality) or a low level of sexual activity and arousal. People with ADHD may experience changes in the level of desire for sex more intermittently than people without ADHD.

Communication Challenges

Open communication is key to a good sex life. When one partner has ADHD, he or she may have difficulty staying focused, impulsivity and managing emotions, which can affect intimacy.

  • Sharing personal data without regard to context.
  • Saying things without fully processing the thought

Mood Swings and Emotional Dysregulation

ADHD can lead to mood swings and emotional sensitivity, potentially impacting the emotional connection and intimacy between partners.

  • People with ADHD may experience sudden jumps from enthusiasm and joy to frustration, discouragement or anger

Medication Effects

Some medications used to treat ADHD symptoms can have side effects. They may affect libido, sexual performance, or general interest in sex.

Self-Esteem and Body Image

ADHD can contribute to self-esteem issues, which in turn can affect the level of satisfaction with one’s own body and the ability to engage in sexual activity.

Time management and routine

Difficulties with time management can affect the spontaneity and frequency of sexual interactions.

Written by Agnieszka Szpotowska – psychology intern at Willingness