Do you ever feel stuck when helping your son/daughter in their homework or studying? Certain basic tips can make things easier and thus, in the coming blogs we will have a look at some simple, yet effective, suggestions which can help your son/daughter in their school work and studying.

  • Create a homework station

Having a place to keep everything your child needs can help stop organisation issues. Ideally, one is to have his/her own space to work in with few (or no) distractions, especially the technological ones. Do not forget the physical conditions, such as good lighting, as these can affect concentration. Encourage your son/daughter to find a comfortable position to work in. However, be careful that the space is not too comfortable in a way that will lead to too much relaxation.

  • Make a checklist

We have all, some time or another, created a checklist, whether it was a mental one or written on a piece of paper. We also know the feeling of how rewarding it is to cross a task off a to-do list! When encouraging your children to make a checklist, it helps you and them keep track of what has been done, what still needs to be done and ensures that all the work is completed.

  • Create a schedule

In your family’s busy lives, it helps to set a specific time for studying with a time limit. Find the best time for your child to be able to concentrate and make sure that neither you nor they are in a hurry. Creating a work schedule also encourages your son/daughter to divide work into manageable chunks and gives them a better understanding of time. One should also keep a calendar in order to remember important dates and goals, such as tests, projects and exams.

It is vital not to forget breaks, as they actually help the person to keep focused! It is also very important to find the time for some relaxation.

Ann Julene Hili is a Career Guidance Practitioner with Willingness. She specializes in working with teens and young adults who are in their educational and career transitions. She can be contacted on