In my last blog I explained that dealing with a difficult child requires a complex collection of skills and habits. We discussed last week that shouting, although may seem effective, can teach all the wrong lessons. Today I encourage parents to create the conditions for the right communication patterns.

Create the space for you to talk to your child everyday

We have to understand that good relationships are much like a beautiful plant. They have to develop. Unless you have created the right conditions in your relationships with your children, you can never reap the benefits that you wish for. If you want to be able to talk about your child, whatever age, about the behaviours that should be changed, you must first have the culture of talking to your child. Therefore make space everyday to have a conversation with your child. Address a variety of issues. Talk about your day and about his day. Talk about emotions. Talk about concerns. This investment on a daily basis builds a strong foundation for communication, which like a seed, may grow into a beautiful relationship.