Everyone has experienced moments when they feel overwhelmed. Some moments may feel more overwhelming and difficult than others. The feeling of being overwhelmed can however become dangerous if we allow it to take over and not give ourselves the space to feel other emotions too.

The aim of this blog is to allow for some reflection on what supports you and how you can use these to get through those moments when it’s just too much.

Reflect on a time when you thought you were in a difficult situation and experienced feeling overwhelmed.

  • How do you experience being overwhelmed?
  • What sensations in your body are you aware of feeling at the time?
  • What thoughts were going through your mind?
  • Now that you’re reflecting about it, was it as bad as you thought it was at the time?
  • Where were you when you felt overwhelmed? Did it involve other people in your life?
  • What support did you seek?
  • Did you express your feelings to others? What was the reaction you received?
  • Did it get better by simply doing nothing?
  • What did you do to reduce your feeling of being overwhelmed?
  • Take the time to acknowledge the strength it took for you to get yourself out of the situation.
  • How did you feel after you stopped feeling overwhelmed?
  • How can you adapt this action or thought to use it the next time you feel overwhelmed?
  • How can you reduce the chances of being overwhelmed again in the future?

Oftentimes, we find that we are able to overcome even the most challenging experiences in our life. We learn from our past and when we are faced with a similar experience, we apply these lessons and use them to push through it.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, take a moment to acknowledge the feeling. Do not suppress it or ignore it. Accept it and allow the feeling the space it needs. After a while, it too will too pass. If you feel like you can’t do anything about your situation, chances are, it will improve if you are proactive and take the chance to move forward. And remember to be kind to yourself and practice self-care. Regain your inner balance, and use it to be able to face any new challenges that may come your way.

Petra Borg is a Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist currently reading for a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Gestalt Therapy Institute Malta (GPTIM) and working at Willingness as a Trainee Psychotherapist. She has experience as a Triage Officer and has also worked closely with Willingness over several years, coordinating the international internship programme and providing support over diverse events and initiatives.