In the last blog I began to discuss some very important points when it comes to sexual consent. It is important to remember that sexual consent is always explicit, you can always change your mind at any point, and only you have the final say of what happens to your body.

1.It’s always good to CHECK in with each other. If you find that your partner is getting tense or anxious, or their body language is changing, STOP and CHECK how they’re feeling. Do they need a break or a pause? Do they want to stop?

2.It’s important to learn to SPEAK UP. It’s okay for you to say let’s take things slow, if you feel sex is moving too quickly. There is no real rush if you’re not feeling it. Your partner needs to respect that.

3.Under some circumstances, you are unable to give consent. If you are really drunk or high, then you cannot give sexual consent. Also, if you are sexual in any way with someone who is drunk or high or unconscious and doesn’t know what is going on (therefore cannot give consent) then you would be breaking the law.

Be your own advocate and speak up when you feel you are not comfortable with a sexual situation.


Dana Scicluna Azar is a relationship and sex advisor at willingness. She offers therapy to both individuals and couples. She can be contacted on