Multiple births can prove to be a challenge for most couples who wish to sustain the relationship with their partner. This is the first of a series of blogs that explores the experiences of parents of multiples, as found through various sources, including research conducted at Willingness. To get you going, below are a few pointers for a strong relationship between parents, relatives and children:


  • It is important to allow friends and family to help out in the raising of the children, which can provide the parents some time alone together. Getting the children on a routine bedtime allows the parents to have time for themselves at the end of the day.


  • Scheduling date nights might increase the likelihood of parents getting a night off and having time to revive their romance.


  • Reorganizing roles and commitments can also allow for some flexibility. Both parents need to have a hands on approach when raising their children, this could reduce the stress and tiredness of the couple and thus the desire to spend time alone is not reduced.


The arrival of children does not mean that the parental relationship needs to take a backseat. Being a parent and being a partner are two very important roles that both need to be attended to. Communication between the parents, scheduling and help from relatives and friends might make sustaining a relationship easier and can even improve the parent-child relationship.


For more knowledge about this topic, follow this link about a workshop held by Willingness about “Getting Ready for Twins” – 


– Michaela Bonello is a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.) student at the University of Malta. She is interested in the areas of relationship counselling and sex therapy. Michaela is an intern at