Willingness | <strong>Breaking the binge-restrict cycle</strong>

Breaking the binge-restrict cycle

The binge-restrict cycle is a pattern that is characterised by periods of food restriction followed by binging, during which the person would feel unable to control what or how much they are eating. Bingeing is typically followed by intense guilt, … Read more

Willingness | Myth Busting: Eating disorders

Myth Busting: Eating disorders

Mental health disorders which are increasingly becoming more common are Eating disorders. Although such disorders have been treated by professionals for many years, they can be challenging to understand. In fact, eating disorders are surrounded by myths and misconceptions, and … Read more

Willingness | Men Can Have Eating Disorders Too

Men Can Have Eating Disorders Too

Eating disorders have historically been thought to greatly affect “only” women. Even when looking at the literature, less than 1% of eating disorder studies have focused on specifically men.

In fact, eating disorders were so associated with women that until … Read more

Willingness | How Can I Manage Eating Disorder?

How Can I Manage Eating Disorder?

Living with an eating disorder is often a more challenging experience than one might imagine it to be. At this point, the most important thing is to work with a professional team while dealing with this disease in order to … Read more

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