Supportive psychotherapy

A client and I have been working together for a couple of months now. He’s been going through an acute stress reaction triggered by a distressing event in his life. By the time he sought my help, he had been

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Willingness | How to support someone with cancer

How to support someone with cancer

Breast cancer, leukaemia, lung cancer, melanoma, – cancer comes in many different forms, with many different symptoms. Every cancer patient’s experience is different and therefore, generalizing what kind of support they might need and wish for is not possible. According

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Willingness | Please Take Breaks from the News

Please Take Breaks from the News

Hearing about the pandemic can be upsetting for some and being constantly reminded of it can be taxing on our mental health. Currently, all we hear about and see on the news is information related to COVID, every time you

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Mealtime battles: 7 tips

Mealtimes can be tough for some families. Having a child who refuses to eat many foods offered can be frustrating for parents or anyone trying to help. This may not only have an impact on the diet quality of the

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