Literature highlights various ways of aiding nurses to cope effectively with the grief. I will go briskly over some ways that can offer consolation and relief from compassion fatigue. By attending workshops and information sessions about compassion fatigue; its risks, signs and symptoms and keeping informed on the lastest research pertaining the subject one can prevent compassion fatigue. Attending support groups where one can meet others going through the same experience and listening to what colleagues have found helpful can also help. Talking to one’s peers about their day; their triumphs and their losses can help the nurse understand that they are not the only one enduring this. Practicing meditation, mindfulness, yoga or any other spiritualistic ritual can help the individual touch their inner core. Practicing hobbies and doing various activities to help the individual dettach and mantain a work-life balance. Other rituals mentioned in literature included the change from the uniform to one’s personal clothes, listening to favourite or relaxing music whilst driving on their way home from work or having a shower to wash off the weight from their body. Going for therapy or counselling sessions can help the individual deal effectively with the emotions and feelings they are facing.

As mentioned above, it is important to mantain a work-life balance with any job, however it is especially recommended with more demanding jobs. The individuals needs to explore and figure out what works for them to unwind and dettach. Once this is figured out, it is then highly encouraged to be practiced.


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