1) Find out what they value

Finding out what the recipient values will guide you in how to go about giving them a thoughtful and meaningful gift. If this is a person that you do not know very well, you might want to consider having a few conversations with them about their hobbies, what they enjoy doing in their free time and what they value. Perhaps you may also want to ask someone who knows them more for some tips. It will help you to find out whether the person will appreciate something that is handmade, whether they like sweets and chocolates, whether they enjoy painting.  

2) A gift that captures your relationship  

One idea is to gift something that is significant to your relationship. Is there something that the two of you enjoy doing together? Or that is meaningful to you both? For example, you can prepare a collection or collage of photos of adventures shared together. Or perhaps a symbol of something that you would like to remember from a trip that you went on together.

3) Gifting an experience

An experience can be a gift that leaves a strong impact and that could create excitement and anticipation in the person receiving it. It can also be a way to create memories that the receiver can be fond of. For example, you can plan a trek for a friend that you enjoy going for hikes with. Or perhaps you would like to invite your relative for a home cooked dinner.  

4) Show the recipient that you know them

When you choose a gift specifically because you believe that the recipient will like it, feel free to explain this to the person when they open their gift. For example, you can share that you chose a card with a green ribbon because you know that green is the person’s favourite colour. Or perhaps you baked a box of mince pies because you know how excited the recipient is every Holiday Period to try mince pies. Sharing your process with the recipient can highlight how they are valued and thought of.  

Rebecca Cassar is a Family Therapist practicing the Systemic Approach. She specializes in offering therapy to families, couples and individuals who are experiencing distress in their relationships. She can be contacted on rebecca@willingness.com.mt or call us on 79291817.

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