Impulse buying is a reality, especially with all the advertisements we come across on social media. Especially those associated with giving, discounts and bargains. Avoiding these enticing advertisements is not easy and online shopping has made the tempatation of buying even worse. 

Therefore, it is very likely that we fall prey and end up buying unwanted items. Even if we have an issue of space that we might be encountering at our home. Sometimes, the excitement that we experience before buying certain items turns into regret. The following are some tips that might hlep to avoid impulse buying. 

Avoid saving your credit cards details on shopping apps

Most of the shopping apps simplify our shopping experience as they include the possibility of linking our credit/debit cards with our accounts. This makes the purchase possible with just one click as we do not need to insert the long number every time we shop. Therefore, not saving our credit card details helps as it would require that extra effort and, at the same time, gives us extra time to think over our buying decision.

Try to keep your cards at home

This is another way to avoid the temptation of buying as, in this case, you can only use cash to pay. This enables us to stick to our budget as, once your cash is exhausted, there could be no other way of spending more money. 

Avoid ‘retail therapy’

There is this popular idea that indulging in shopping for everyday items; clothing, shoes, and accessories, helps you feel good about your life and is exciting. No matter how much you would like to indulge in retail therapy, it is recommended that you do not do so during the festive season. 

Create a shopping list and stick to it

It is possible to create a list for Christmas and you stick to it to avoid buying anything merely because it’s on sale. Your mission would only be that of buying the items on your list and go home. This is when you need to be very disciplined!

Avoid shopping in a group

When it comes to shopping, peer pressure doesn’t help. This is especially true because fellow shoppers might entice you to buy items that you don’t need. Shopping solo helps not to go over your budget. 

Control the urge to buy a gift for everyone

By sticking to your budget, creating a gift list, and saving towards it before the holidays you will avoid feeling overwhelmed with pressure. 

In addition to the tips outlined above, it is also very important to save up and check that you have enough money for financial obligations first. It is also advisable to avoid the clearance section as you might end up buying something that you don’t need. On a final note, reflect on the reason for wanting to buy a specific item as, sometimes, we end up basing a purchase on our sentiments.

If you think that you can benefit from professional support on this issue you can reach out here.

Johanna Cutajar is a Master in Counselling graduate from the University of Malta. She works with children and adolescents as a counsellor within the education sector on a variety of issues including relationship issues, trauma, bereavement, transitions, and general mental health.


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