During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have been given the opportunity or enforced to work from home. For some this is something that is usually done, but for many this is a new adventure. So here are a few tips which will help you do it right.

  • Set things up

For those who will start working from home for the first time, it is very important to figure out how to work in a new environment and be productive. The best place to start is to set up an area where to work, with no or few distractions. Since staying on task in a new environment is not easy, making a comfortable and well-equipped workspace is essential.

  • Develop a line of communication

Since in most cases there will be frequent, if not constant, contact with your boss and/or colleagues, make sure that you have different communication possibilities. Remember that since on normal workdays communication with your colleagues is easy as everybody is in close proximity, at home you need to make things as similar as possible. Good communication also helps to decrease the feeling of isolation and keeps spirits high during these difficult times.

  • Don’t slouch around

Even though you have the opportunity to stay in your pyjamas all day, don’t do so. Don’t just lie in bed with your laptop. Freshen up and work in a designated space. This will help you concentrate and will also help as a marker to those living with you that you are currently working.

  • Create boundaries

If living with others, especially children, creating boundaries is of utmost importance. Set clear boundaries which everybody can understand. Some examples include not entering the room when the door is closed, or not disturbing during specific times of the day. Remember that for those who are not used to seeing you at home during certain times of the day, this change is not easy to understand.

  • Find time to unplug

Since you are at home, it is easy to get lost in all the work and forget to stop to take breaks or finish at a decent hour. Remember that if you have children, it is good to spend some quality time with them and make the most out of this surreal situation. Even if you have no children, remember that there are other things at home that need to be done. Setting up a routine is therefore very helpful as it will help you maximise productivity, while at the same time manage your time wisely.

These are a few simple tips to help you get through working from home. Remember that everybody needs to get accustomed to it, so it’s ok to feel weird at first. Furthermore, since it is not clear how long this will last, you might feel that this is another anxiety provoking issue, but it is important to make the most out of it. Enjoy the fewer interruptions from colleagues and bosses and the lack of stress related to the commute to work.

Ann Julene Hili is a Career Guidance Practitioner with Willingness. She specializes in working with teens and young adults who are in their educational and career transitions. She can be contacted on annjulene@willingness.com.mtor call us on 79291817.