Following my last blog, you will find more four more ways to deepen the intimacy between a couple in a relationship.

5. Plan something new together

Falling into routine might lead to boredom but, routine brings also stability however, planning something new together can create closeness and excitement. It can be something for the house which you need to do and have been postponing to do due to busy schedules but it can also be a holiday which have been postponed for some time. Sharing some excitement together can rekindle intimacy again. 

6. Give and take

It is not about measuring how is doing the most in the relationship but it is important that you give credit to your partner when they are giving you what you need in the relationship. Also, make sure that you give back what your partner needs from you. Do ask if you are being a good partner so that if needs be you will be aware what to improve or where you are lacking. If you ask and listen more closely, your partner will feel important and satisfied and hence, the relationship satisfaction is reached and intimacy will flow. 

7. Learn to give credit and show appreciation

Complaining or passing negative remarks to your partner might come easy however, one cannot forget to mention the positive and to give credit to what your partner does and shows in your confront. If someone does something or says something and it bothers you, it is easier to grumble or to criticise however, everyone feels good and likes it when they are praised, hence do not forget to do it with your loved ones especially your partner. This encourages them to continue to do more of what they are doing right and also to boost their confidence and to feel loved. Also, saying thank you and appreciating your partner is add-on to giving credit. 

8. Do not walk away

When it comes to conflict, couples may find it hard to discuss disagreements however, when we disagree or conflict arise we need to tackle it. It is not wise to just walk away from the argument and avoid the issue since at some point it will come back to your feet. Also, if you walk away your partner might get the message that you are not interested in such matter and if the matter is important to them they might be hurt or offended, otherwise your partner might also think that they are not of importance to you. Even if you do not know from where to start to discuss such topic or matter, start by stating to your partner that you are finding it difficult to discuss. This is already a step forward rather than walking away and giving your back to your partner.  

Apart from the above and those discussed in Part 1, do not forget to apologise and to take full responsibility for your actions. Do not forget to pay attention to physical touch which boosts your partner’s and your well-being, hug and cuddle as often as possible. Finally, be playful – play enhances bonds and allows us to have fun together.  

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Rachel Osmond is a Family Therapist with Willingness who works with individuals, couples and families. She also has experience with children and adolescents.


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