This is the story of a girl that decided that this summer was the perfect time to get out of her comfort zone. This is the story of my summer internship experience with Willingness.

            Everything started some months ago when I saw this call for interns in EFPSA’s Facebook page. “Malta” and “Willingness” were the words that caught my eye immediately, and by the time I checked Willingness’s website I decided to give it a try. The idea of being an intern in a clinic that specializes in topics such as sex, health and family fascinated me.

So, I wrote my CV, struggled over finding the proper words for my motivation letter, crossed my fingers and pressed “Send”. And then the most amazing thing happened: I got accepted! But more was to come the following months when I eventually flew to Malta and got to live the whole Willingness experience.

From the very first day I realized that these two months are going to be very interesting and challenging for me. As we kept meeting the members of the team and attending workshops on various aspects of therapy with them, I was filled with inspiration and excitement. Everyone was so willing to share their experience and knowledge, but, at the same time, they were very open to new ideas and suggestions. They all wanted to teach and train us on what they are good at but, also, learn from us. In this atmosphere of mutual respect, we all had the opportunity to grow together.

But, of course, growing is not as easy as it seems. This internship program was very challenging. It demanded a lot of time and energy, as well as passion and dedication. Getting involved in different projects and activities while working as a group was a new experience for me. Yet, it was a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally. It helped me to improve in aspects such as team-work and time management, but, also, helped me to identify my limits and my trigger points.

All in all, these two months were an extraordinary experience that I will never forget. I am very grateful that Willingness gave me the opportunity to be part of their team and gave me so much inspiration for my future career.

Eleni Megagianni is a senior psychology student from Greece. She is currently an intern at Willingness Hub. Her basic interests lay in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.