Frequently after the Festive Season a feeling of let-down is produced because either this period was a good time well spent that is now over or if it wasn’t then you may feel like it was fun for everyone but you. Here are some simple techniques to help you get through January a little easier:

  1. A lot of people tend to over eat during the festive season but January can be a great month to eat well.
  2. Winter offers a darker scene as a season and it is very normal to feel low due to this. Try and get as much sunlight as possible by getting outdoors when you can.
  3. Exercise can work wonders. You probably don’t feel like it but once you go you’ll feel better.
  4. Make specific and reachable New Year resolutions rather than vague ones.
  5. Become aware of what is bringing you down and if there is a solution to it. If there is go for it, if not consider seeking support. Friends and family can be more supportive than you think so do reach out. Seek professional help if needed and symptoms persist.