We go to work every day, spend around eight hours or so there and the last thing we want, is to deal with employees that really push the wrong buttons.

Some tips will be provided to hopefully help you make your work relationship with colleagues a better one.

  1. Even though you might not like working with someone in particular, it does not give you the right to bad mouth them. Talking behind their back or making any non-verbal gestures can be unprofessional and also disciplinary actions might be taken.
  2. When you start accepting that you cannot change others, you start to learn that all you can do is change the way you act. This means, that being kind and polite will show that even though there are differences you are still professional and also caring. Some also argue that by saying ‘good morning’ or ‘goodbye’ has helped to improve the relationship and calm the tensed waters.
  3. There is nothing better than talking your differences out with your colleague! Take time to set up an informal meeting maybe over coffee or lunch to discuss your differences. Other than debating it is wiser to talk about how you can work together whilst accepting each other different opinions.
  4. Remember, not to take it too personally. Everyone has their own characteristics and even if there are work related issues that doesn’t mean that you have to take it personal as regards to that person. It is important to focus on the value that the employee is giving towards the company rather than seeing things as a personal attack on you.
  5. Thinking about the energy you are investing in disliking someone, it could be invested and exchanged into positive thinking and building healthy relationships. It is important to focus not only on your professional attitude but also remembering that working together is a must and being a good team player is vital to get projects done.

By taking these tips into consideration, they can help you instil and maintain peaceful relationships with co-workers that you might dislike. They key step is to communicate and meet each other half way. Yet, at the same time keeping in mind remaining ethical and professional in the work you carry out.  

Therisa Gambin is the Parentopedia Manager at Willingness, as well as a Willingness Childminder amongst other projects that she handles and this is after participating in an internship in 2017 within the same company. She is a graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelors in Psychology (Hons.) and holds a Diploma in Leadership and Management within the Business Leaders Malta.