Growing up I felt something was missing when it comes how to communicate to strangers and leave an impression especially with women.  I used to hate when I was told I must have confidence in this and in that and never explained how to actually have it.  I used to watch films and try to be the main character in social situations, this sometimes worked and sometimes not, but what was worst, it left me with an empty feeling.  I tried even to look cool and seek approval from my friends and people I admired by doing bad things such as drugs, fighting and being part of a gang!

One day I woke up from this nightmare and decided to make a change by making it my journey to become a man – the real man from inside and not a child anymore.  Martial Arts were my first achievements in this long journey as it showed me how physical fitness apart from being disciplined made my mind and body feel amazingly good.  Apart from that I even studied self motivating books such as “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and books on fear and how to control it.  I in fact made fear even my best friend as I constantly felt the high and my brain became a sponge in wanting always more knowledge on how to conquer it – I was on this power trip.  I even later went to study in England on how to pickup women and better handle social situations

Along this whole journey I realized that this “Male Confidence” is in reality me facing all the fears without excuses and admitting it in the first place that something is wrong and I need to change.  A bad feeling is nothing but a wakeup call that you need to move in the opposite direction by taking constant action, until the feeling changes in a satisfying one and your whole being starts to glow and radiate happiness even to other people.   I noticed even other changes in me such as my posture improved and became more straight, made more eye contact with total strangers and I got a better handling of my shyness in general.  In my opinion a man becomes confident when he has that burning desire to succeed after he realizes that the problem must be solved by a strong purpose and passion towards attainment.  Obstacles are there for us to grow and without them life would be boring and no chance for one to grow out of the so called comfort zone….