What are Genograms?

Genogram is a handy tool I often use in therapy when I’m first getting to know a client, and it’s also something I go back to on occasion and something I keep in mind during our subsequent work together. 


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Appreciating motherhood through becoming a mother

When thinking of having a baby, one usually thinks of the hard labor and some struggles that parenting might bring (Crawford, 2021). Nevertheless, becoming a mother myself is what shed light into the true significance of motherhood and thus enabled

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Parental Alienation

Working with Parental Alienation

Dr. Vincent Marmara who is a Statistician and Researcher recently carried out a study where 600 people were questioned about the meaning of Parental Alienation. The results showed that 80% didn’t know what the term parental alienation is. In fact,

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Cultural Differences

Working with cultural differences in family therapy

Cultural differences provide novelty, excitement, curiosity and the possibility for personal growth and enrichment as human beings learn more about a perspective that is different from what they know. Difference also provides challenges as the possibility to misunderstand when you

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4 Paws

Family member with 4 paws

Dogs! Aren’t they just unique? 

We have grown up hearing “Dog is man’s best friend” and “Dogs are very loyal to their humans”. Through our experience we have met many families who welcomed a family member with 4 paws! In

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Parenting Styles

The outcomes of different parenting styles

Throughout the years, researchers have coined 4 types of parenting styles that parents tend to use on their children. Each style tackles a different way of how you raise your child and how this may affect the development of your

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Perfect Mother

The Myth of being the Perfect Mother

The concept that there are perfect mothers is an outright myth. Just like there are no perfect relationships, no perfect children, and no perfect fathers either. The need to be perfect mothers is causing a great amount of pressure, which

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