guts brain

Your guts affect your brain, but how?

“The gut is the second brain”, “the brain-gut connection”. Have you come across these  terms? Possibly yes and… quite a lot. This relationship has gained a lot of focus in the  last few years. You can find such connections almost

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All You Need To Know: Dietitians

1. What is a Dietitian?

As its most basic definition, a dietitian supports people with food and nutrition so that they can live healthier and better well-being.

2. What Do They Do?

Dietitians try to improve their health and prevent

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Daily habits

5 Daily Habits that Improve Nutrition

‘Just remember, how you look is the least interesting thing about you, and we’re investing in ourselves for the long-term’

Natacha Oceane

I quoted an athlete which I follow regularly as I find it very important to look at nutrition

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muskoli ibsin

Għalxiex dejjem nħoss il-muskoli ibsin wara ġurnata xogħol?

Mhux l-ewwel darba li wara ġurnata xogħol, diversi persuni jsostnu li jħossu ċertu strapazz fil-muskoli, speċjalment mal-ħin ta’ filgħaxija. Dan is-sintomu huwa indirizzat bħala ‘muscle soreness’ u huwa deskritt bħala għajja jew toqol fil-muskolu. Meta persuna jagħmel il-ħidma

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5 ways fruit nurtures your brain

Eating fruit is one of the most delicious ways to nurture your mind and body. Most of us already understand that eating a wide variety of fruit is part of having a balanced diet for health, but do you know

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benefits of veggies

5 lesser known health benefits of veggies

Everybody knows vegetables are good for you. You can probably name some of these benefits right now! They help you grow big and strong, give you energy, and give you the nutrients your body needs. However, there are other benefits

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6 things you need to know, if you have PCOS

So, you have been diagnosed with PCOS and are still unsure about what it means exactly? Don’t worry you are not alone! It can be challenging to live with PCOS but learning more about the condition and how it affects

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