Obstacles are there for us to grow and this what makes us stronger as men.  When a man goes for the desire of achieving he becomes very likable to the opposite sex.  Women love a man who knows what he wants out of life and goes out in the world to achieve it.  Step after step he will get closer and with every obstacle he faces he will become stronger until he gets on top of his own personal mountain.  This purpose in life for a man makes him feel fuller and women will feel very much attractive to this kind of man instead of the routine type of guy who has so many limits in life that he never takes any steps but rather stays in the same job, house, hobbies, etc

A man with a burning desire towards his goals will be an inspiration and thus an alpha male or leader and people will follow him everywhere he goes.  Having a purpose will make your body upright as you feel proud and know what you want out of life.  Having said this, women will automatically turn heads when this type of man goes into a bar with an upright strong posture.  It will reflect in the voice too when for example ordering drinks and not feeling intimidated by other men….