When at the bar it’s much easier to make conversation with anyone when in your heart you know you are on the track of success in achieving what you want through your purpose.  This is because when you talk about what you want out of life you speak out of passion, and it’s this that keeps people’s attention in hearing you.  Women love the man who is so passionate about what he does.  She feels secure around this type of man.  How many times for example we found ourselves speaking to a beautiful woman and don’t know what to say next or we bombard her with interview questions such as; where you from or what is your job?  These are killers to having conversations with women.  Women simply go out at the bar or at a social gathering to enjoy themselves and forget about work and hopefully find the right guy.

The first step in my opinion is to get active in exercise so that your body starts changing and your mind feels good.  Out of this zone you will then find creative ideas and leading you slowly, slowly to what you want to achieve perhaps through one of your hobbies….