During one of my very first job interviews, quite a number of moons ago, the interviewer asked me, “What makes you tick?” There I was this 21-year old, fresh from university, feeling smug with myself, nailed by one single question.  I don’t quite remember how I stumbled through that question, but I do know that those simple words were imprinted in my mind.  What motivates me? What lights up my heart and puts a smile on my face? For as long as I can remember, no matter where I was in life or what I was doing, the only thing that really mattered to me was to live meaningfully as this often led me to happiness.  This has been, and remains my quest, and I dare say that my encounters with others through my counselling practice have been showing me that this quest is indeed shared by many others.

So what has my personal story and the stories shared with me in my counselling practice taught me about the meaning of life?

  1. I look at every single situation that happens to me as a lesson. Rather than complain, wonder why it happened, get angry at why it happened, become bitter about life, I ask myself, ‘What am I supposed to learn from this? What is this person, situation, experience teaching me?’ I find that once I give meaning to an experience, I understand why it happened, and that helps me move on.

To be continued….


– stephaniec@willingness.com.mt