2. I remember that I have much less control – if I have any at all – about life than I would like to think. I learnt that every time I tried to steer my life in the direction I wanted it to go, I ended up in a mess…which brings me to…

3. I need to let go….let go of the worry/regret of the past and of the anxiety of the future….and live now! Focus on the present, slow down…look at the flowers on the roundabout on my way to work. I remember to taste – but really taste the coffee in the morning

4. I trust that I have what it takes to deal with whatever it is that I am dealing with right now – I am stronger than I think I am.

5. Know what is important to me….and follow my passion, no matter what others might think or believe.

6. Once I discover my passion, show up. Don’t let life happen, be there, be creative, commit and take action, even when I don’t feel like.

7. Focus on people not things….try compassion rather than possession.

8. Be child-like, not childish. Spend time with children, learn from them and look at life with child-like eyes. Allow myself to be surprised, be curious, have fun, laugh.

9. Do nature – allow myself time away from technology, even if it’s for a short period a day, and spend time in nature. Make sure to see a sunrise or a sunset every now and again – remind myself these happen every day and they are free!

10.Remember that happiness is an inside job – stop wasting time and energy in searching for it in people, places and things, and instead nurture my soul and my heart.

Which of these resonate with you right now? Pick one – just one and commit yourself to it.


– stephaniec@willingness.com.mt